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Original music promo posters from the 90’s onwards

The world’s largest collection of original 1990’s music and film promo posters.

The Original Poster Shop holds the world’s largest collection of original promo posters for bands and artists from the early 1990’s to the mid 2000’s and beyond.
We stock Oasis posters, Muse posters, Paul Weller posters, Rolling Stones posters, Spice Girls posters, Gorillaz posters, Radiohead postersLinkin Park posters as well as Rap and Hip Hip posters. Our catalogue for 90's music posters covers nearly 400 different artists, bands as well as film posters and other promo posters.

Authentic, original music posters

We guarantee authenticity of all our posters.

We only sell rare and collectable original lithographic and screen-printed music posters, guaranteed 100% genuine. These are not copies or reprints, these are part of the original print run and come from an extensive music poster collection that has been stored for decades.

Rare and collectable posters

Exclusive to The Original Poster Shop

Our posters and memorabilia are exclusive to The Original Poster Shop, you won't find them anywhere else. They are all from the original print run which was commissioned by the bands or their management and have been carefully stored for many decades.

The Original Poster Shop

Got a question about our posters?

We try to describe our posters as accurately as possible, but if you have a specific question just fill in our enquiry form here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Please note that due to the originality of our posters, we have extremely limited quantities of some.

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