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The story behind the Morning Glory photo

The story behind the Morning Glory photo

Probably one of the most iconic album covers of all time, the photo taken for Oasis What's the story? ...Morning glory is of a regular London street famed for the abundance of record shops at the time.

Regulars to Soho and music fans alike may well recognise Berwick Street - and while our Google Street View image captures it in the morning, there's nothing glorious about the clutter of street works and diversion signs.

Taken by well known rock photographer Michael Spencer Jones (also responsible for Oasis's Definitely Maybe and Be Here Now covers, as well as The Verve's Urban Hymns), it features two men walking in opposite directions. Sources say the men were album producer Owen Morris (although others say it is art director Brian Cannon) and DJ Sean Rowley.

Berwick Street in London was selected as the location for the What's the story? ...Morning Glory album shoot because of its Nineties reputation as the iconic street for record shops.

WTSMG was Oasis' biggest commercial success, reaching number 1 in the UK charts, and remaining at the top for 10 weeks. The album has sold more than 14 million throughout the world, with some stats indicating sales over 20 million, but unfortunately, it's financial success hasn't brought the Gallagher brothers any closer.

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