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10 things you probably didn't know about Linkin Park

10 things you probably didn't know about Linkin Park

As one of the pioneers of the nu-metal movement, bringing the genre to the masses, Linkin Park is no doubt a band that has been on most of our playlists at some point. They were perhaps a band that edged us deeper into the abyss of metal, alternative and rock music. As a celebration of the almighty Linkin Park, here are 10 facts you may have not  known about Linkin Park.

  1. Chester is currently doing vocals on the upcoming Stone Temple Pilots album.
  2. The band initially had a vocalist named Mark Wakefield. Wakefield left the band when they initially failed to get a record deal. 
  3. “Phoenix” A.K.A Dave Farrell is the original bassist of the band, although he did leave the band for some time after the departure of Wakefield.
  4. Linkin Park have been nominated for 169 different awards, and have won 59 of these.
  5. Linkin Park was the first rock band to achieve more than 1 million Youtube hits.
  6. At the time of Chester and his ex-wife’s wedding, they were too poor to afford rings, so instead got matching tattoos on their ring fingers.
  7. “My December” was covered by Josh Groban.
  8. The band has released 5 studio albums, 2 live albums and 21 EPs.
  9. Linkin Park was the third name utilised by the band - initially known as Xero, then Hybrid Theory, and finally Lincoln Park which subsequently became “Linkin Park”.
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