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Shane Bowden

Born in Brisbane, Australia in 1974, Shane Bowden Lives and works in San Diego, California, USA. He has been described as Andy Warhol on steroids and the new Damien Hirst. His creative output of paintings has been prodigious & astonishing in the last 2 years with over 8,000 original works completed & snapped up by collectors. He is considered by many as the world’s most prolific artist. Shane Bowden's Silk Screen Canvases are sold exclusively online by the The Original Poster Shop in the UK.

Hand Printed Silk Screen Canvas Art

These unique, hand-printed silk screen canvases have been created by Shane to celebrate iconic artists in the music industry. Each one is a modern masterpiece in its own right and for fans of the artists, it makes not only a stunning piece of wall art that you can frame to your own taste but also an investment in a limited edition silk screen canvas.


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