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Metal, Punk and Rage Posters

All of our posters for Metal, Punk and Rage are 100% original and exclusive to the Original Poster Shop. The posters we stock are part of the original print-run used to promote the single, album or concert in record stores or posters sites in airports and railways stations and not reproductions or re-prints. These original Metal, Punk and Rage posters have been carefully stored since the release, only now available to purchase.

  • SALE Rancid poster - Indestructible

    Rancid poster - Indestructible

    Original litho-printed ’Rancid’ poster for ‘Indestructible’.

    ‘Indestructible’ is the 6th studio album by the American punk rock band Rancid. Rancid fans noted a ’poppier’ sound on some of the tracks.

    30" x 20" inches

    Good 'Original' Condition

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    Original litho-printed ’Rancid’ poster for ‘Indestructible’.

    ‘Indestructible’ is the 6th studio album by the American punk rock band Rancid. Rancid fans noted a ’poppier’ sound on some of the tracks.

    30" x 20" inches

    Good 'Original' Condition

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    We will normally dispatch the next working day after you place your order (or Tuesday if ordered over the weekend), so please allow 4 - 6 working days once you receive notification from our system if you are in the UK, or longer if overseas. 

    For postage and packing costs, see our delivery page.

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    For any unwanted goods we offer a 7-day return policy

    If you receive items from us that differ from what you have ordered, then you must notify us as soon as possible using our online returns form

    If you find that your items are faulty or damaged on arrival, then you are entitled to a repair, replacement or a refund. Please note that for some goods it may be disproportionately costly to return them, and so where this is the case, we accept photographic proof of damage, then we will give you a replacement or a refund.

    For unwanted items, please contact us for return address details. Return postage is at your cost and we will only accept return of items in the condition they were received. Items should be sent with insurance to the value of the item, tracked and signed for your peace of mind.

    Our posters are 100% original and exclusive to The Original Poster Shop.

    It’s true that there are many outlets that you can purchase posters from, so what makes us different? The answer is in the product itself. 

    The vast majority of poster suppliers in the world today sell reproduction posters. These are modern reprinted posters that are produced at a much later date than the originals. On the face of it, these copies may look virtually the same as the originals, but that is where the similarity ends. 

    When buying a reproduction poster, you are in essence buying a novelty item, an item that although may superficially look the part, has no real value, history and is certainly not an investment.

    We at The Original Poster Shop only ever provide our customers with original Record and Film Company licensed authentic posters. These posters are beautifully printed, using only the finest quality materials. 

    They were produced and the time that the event or product was being promoted, making them a true piece from the era. 

    Bearing in mind that the majority of the posters were manufactured to be displayed outside, in inclement weather, they are not only beautiful, but also incredibly durable collectors items.

    We only stock original posters and have very limited quantities of some posters, so once these are depleted, they will be removed from sale - remember, we do not sell reproduction posters!

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